The three, having fun.

Photo.png is the first file you aquire in the game, as it comes with the game itself. It depicts three of the main characters, Edo , Age , and Uuji together. As the game progresses, the game will change the photo.

Photo ChangesEdit

  1. After Edo disappears, he is crossed out of the picture
  2. After Uuji disappears, he is crossed out as well.
  3. In the bad ending, all three will be crossed out
  4. After unlocking Metsu Mode, Age will be erased from the picture


  • It is said that the Metsu cheat code is hinted at in Uuji's coat.
    • And, In fact, It is. The cheat code being Up, Up, Up, Up, Right, Right, Down. Doing the Metsu cheat code will glith the game, however, and the Suicidal Rabbit Diary.txt will not show up in the game's file.

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